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Spray Tanning

Spray On Tan is the sensible "Safe Alternative" to sunbathing in the sun. If you want to be tanned, look and feel great at all times without the risk of skin cancer and avoid the ageing effects known to be assosiated with the suns's harmful rays, then Spray Tanning with VuTan is for you. 

VuTan Spray On Tan is made from a blend of natural ingredients that contain botanical herbal extracts designed to nourish the skin and produce a natural looking long lasting tan, that won't fade, dries quickly, has no orange undertones and wears off evenly. 

Specially designed to be washed off after 2-4 hours, VuTan continues to darken after washing.

Excellent for late afternoon Spray Tans, busy clients, or last minute appointments. We personally recommend VuTan. 

VuTan Retail Range 

VuTan has an extensive Range of Retail products - VuTan's products have been formulated using the finest naturally derived organic ingredients for our Pre-Tan Preperation, After Tan Preperation and Tan Enhancement Ranges to extend the life of a VuTan Tan.